Well Met

Cupcake, here! Greetings all!

Nobody is perfect. There isn’t just one way to do things. Life, in general, is always changing. We just have to move with it, do things well, and think things through.

Tea asked me why start a blog when the relationship is so new with my Muffin. The truth is, I don’t know if he’s the one for me, but I am hoping he is. Our lives are so harmonic, it’s nice and sweet and… it feels right. We aren’t perfectly suited to each other but we match well enough and, so long as we’re honest and trust each other, then we can make it! … Right? Also, why I chose to have Tea put everything up is so that there’s more anonymity in what I put in. Especially since I don’t want to tell my Muffin everything about this just yet.

On the other hand, he’s fit and hot and just wants small changes in his life… as for me, I need to lose 50 lbs and then another 30 lbs would be perfect. I’m not grossly overweight, I’m just… he calls me ‘Cupcake’ for a reason, right? Must be all my lumps and fat.

His body? OMG. He is perfect. He has pecks that look as though they want to pop out of his shirt, a lean waist, fit hips, a strong and muscular back, his package is well matched to his butt and… his legs are perfect. When he walks around, women and men look at him. He is divine and… I want to be a woman who can match his confidence.

Think I can do it? … Maybe?


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