Half and Half

Why do people see the glass as half empty when it is half full? Why is there a negative side to the glass’s fullness? Why can’t it simply to filled and left at that?

I’ve come to see it as half full of what I’ve got and the openness is the endless possibilities of what could be. With my glass of water, I could add half a glass of juice or soup. I could assume it is a glass of vodka and mix it with multiple other alcohols that go with it. Get what I mean?

Mandatory Credit: Photo by imageBROKER/REX (1868749a)

It’s a part of society that teaches us that one half is full and the other side is empty. The word “empty” gives a feeling of negativity or that the person is lacking something. As if something is missing or something more can be done but isn’t. I hate that most of my friends see the world this way.

I want to inspire them to do more and fill that other half with something. If not liquid, then rocks to pump the water higher in the glass. See how different things can be? Maybe ice that melts into water before you add more, or rocks, jewels, and more. There are endless possibilities as to what can go into the glass… perhaps it’s half empty because there is something more you need to do to fill the glass completely, or to overflow.

Lesson:  There is more you can do for my happiness. And I should do it!


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