My Easter Egg

If I were an Easter Bunny and you were an Easter Egg,
I’d hop and I’d pop and I’d wander around
Until I had you in my basket.

You might be wondering what the featured image above is? Well, they are HUNDREDS of tiny cups, painted in different colors, hanging on the wall. They cover a center column in Muffin’s kitchen, decorated by his mother (r.i.p.), along with a lovely big photo of her. The kitchen is a yellow-green and quite spacious. This is the kitchen she raised three boys with her loving husband. … Am I mean-spirited to be jealous I never got to know her?

Well… I went to his place and he drove, in his lovely truck to the Century Stadium movie theater. His truck felt like sitting in a boat, cruising through the waterways of Italy, maybe. I found his driving smooth, calm, and careful. I felt safe,… which made me feel bad because, just before, he sat in my car as I whizzed around. My poor Muffin, he must have been so scared in my white bubble of a car.

After the movie, we passed the Anaheim Train Station and took a closer look. We enjoyed the lights, drove through to the entrance to the Anaheim baseball stadium, and as we left the area, we noticed the Honda Center right there. Everything within blocks of each other… but then, we caught sign of the Anaheim Garden Walk and had Cheesecake Factory.

I got the Farfalle Chicken Pasta, as usual, and my Muffin got the Hibachi Steak. We didn’t get an appetizer and dessert, but he sat next to me and stuck quite close all night! We held hands all night… through the movie (FAST 8), dinner, and then the walking back and forth.

We are an odd couple. I can’t help it. But… we’re happy. Why can’t people see that and leave us alone? Right? Well, it was a happy Easter date!

~ Cupcake


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