Sharing and Falling

MC - spooning

My Stud Muffin and I often write the longer stuff we want to share with each other into emails. We send it back and forth while carrying on normal text conversations, and other lighter conversations in person. We’ve found this to be a way to save time and energy when we are together. It also adds to the knowledge we have of each other.

It was during a recent sharing that I found a deeper side of him that I found myself wanting to love and care for even more than what I have known of him and already loved of him. Perhaps, it’s a silly thing, but I wish we could cry in each other’s arms… and never leave each other alone…

In this busy and loud world, I just want to curl up with my Muffin and hold on tight.

When the world is cruel…
When it’s dark & you feel lonely…
I will be holding your hand…
Walking beside you…
Waiting to love you more.

~ Cupcake



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