Love & Care

Loving and caring are two very different things. When you love someone, you naturally unconditionally care for them. You can care for someone and not feel any love for them.
Loving someone requires time and effort. It requires patience and unconditional willingness on your life, finances, and will power. Loving can be the sweetest thing or the most heartbreaking thing. Loving requires little but assumes a lot. Loving is responsible for numerous fights, arguments, and “talks”. And at the end of those, Loving brings each warring party back together to talk, tease, and physically enact the word.

Caring for someone requires nothing. You can stand in a room across the world and care for someone half a world away. Caring is a kind way to have regard for someone else. Caring doesn’t mean you love them. Caring does mean you don’t hate them. You can dislike them but, why care for someone you dislike, right? In the end, Caring is a more structured and formal way of showing your concern or respect for someone.

Mothers love and care for their children. They, unconditionally, love and discipline them because they care. Lovers love and care and share and receive love.


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