Sunday Fun-day!

What a beautiful day it is!! Birds are chirping, cars are crashing, and there is a general sense that today will be a good day! Muffin fixed up his old car, got it registered, and bought insurance for it.

I’m parked under the usual tree across from his home… He’s so cute to want to drive his little pocket rocket racer ricey… Well, I don’t know the phrase. LOL. But he still gave his truck a good wipe around… After, we headed off to church and came back. We hung out, he had breakfast, we chatted and then… We parted.

My Mom grabbed me to go out with her and… WE DID NOT KNOW that there was a meet up for some of the lowest and similar convertibles… Seriously… seriously?!?!

There were so many luxury cars…​​ and there were motorcycles too!! Interesting day!!

​  My Muffin is going on a trip without me… I will miss him more. … Poop.



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