Counting My Yesterdays…

It’s amazing how lonely one can get when they know how far away their loved one is…

Monday, I took Muffin to the airport and then went home to a doctor’s appointment. I should have stayed with him and held his hand for as long as possible if I knew I’d miss him this much!!

Tuesday, I woke up early, unable to sleep, and waited for a good time to text my Muffin our usual “Good morning”. I waited two hours before eating and then another two to try to fix my phone. I made an appointment elsewhere, receiving texts from Muffin all day… I try not to text too much. I don’t want to make him annoyed with my attention and curiosity. But because he’s having fun… I’m happy.

I’m trying to fix my life better… Finish what I’ve started, sell off what can be and make a substantial life with or without a man… so that when Muffin is good and ready… I will be, too!

After lunch with my sister, I will do what I need to do… as I wait… for Muffin to come home, excited with what he wants for his future. 😀 I can’t help but be excited!! … and miss him. heh.

Lessons learned through this time? PATIENCE is SUCH  a virtue!! TRUST is key to LOVE surviving distance! A hope for a loving and faithful future starts from the roots… our foundation is key to building up our love and growth from!

Wednesday is going to be a LOOOOONG day!!


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