Say “No” To Me

My Stud Muffin is amazing and kind. He always tries his best to please and appease me, even at the cost of his own energy… 

I was in the area… and the above text was after 7 pm on Saturday… after both of us had a full day of work on a weekend!! Both of us were pooped but… I have to learn to read his responses… sigh… 

We met up, had dinner, and when I tried to cuddle, he was annoyed and a bit unresponsive. I was tired too, but I felt like I’d be a bad girlfriend if I didn’t try to nuzzle him… not to mention, my stomach was gurgling in ALL the wrong ways!!! 

Finally, I left and he walked me to my car then went back inside. Almost home, super focused on driving despite my sleepiness, I get a text message… 

I knew he wouldn’t get my response until he woke up the next day… but I couldn’t help but send my reply… 

We were on the same page, trying to do more when we were both physically and mentally exhausted. It broke my heart to leave him but, we’ve not had a sleepover so, we have to wait. 

If we were living together, I’d roll up next to him and fall asleep! But… I’m doomed to another night alone… until spending my forever in my lover’s arms!


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