Pet Names… and Blog

In a somewhat of a side-note type of post, I asked Madam Tea why we couldn’t just put our names at the title of this blog. I mean, we’ve nothing to hide, but Tea recommended us not to because of our identities and the anonymity helps others relate to us. And I get it now, but BOY, did we have a rather difficult time coming up with this one. I mean… as a Blog, we needed something catchy that matches us.

As you may know, my Stud Muffin is Mexican and I’m Asian. We struggled with nicknames because I hated the over-use of the word “babe” and preferred “honey”, but he overused that word in the past, so it meant very little to him. Not to mention, we needed more time in our relationship to get to a more serious level before adopting more permanent nicknames for each other. … So, we explored our options.

One idea was, “Tacos and Pineapple Bread”.

But.. the combination of the two sounded DISGUSTING!! Tacos are salty and deliciously inventive. There are spices, veggies, meats, and more, all within a wonderful carby encasement that is a very important part of the culture. And pineapple bread got its name for the sweetness on top of the round shaped bread, and the design added to make it look like its name. It’s gentle but powerful flavor represents the Asian culture immensely. But putting the two of them together just sounds wrong, although chopping up bits of pineapple and added it to the taco can make it juicier in flavor, adding the insides of tacos to the bread would be positively revolting. So…

We tried out another idea, “Ponchos and Parasols“.

If you didn’t know it, ponchos were always thought of with mariachi bands and used in older western movies as a sign of a more Mexican touch on wardrobe. It kept the sun and dirt off the skin and kept people warm during the colder nights. As for Asians, it was thought of that the higher class people had lighter skin, which is why (to this day!) lots of Asian women drink soy milk (believing it will make their skin whiter) and stay out of the sun (think of those Asian moms who wear the sleeves and visors when they drive). Get the picture? But… If you try to wear a poncho while toting a parasol, it just looks ridiculous! And then…

We thought about, “Heads and Tails“.

This one came closer to revealing names. LOL. It was disqualified quickly… Next came A LOT of very silly and abstract names like:

“Muscle and Mind”
“Solid and Bouncy”
“Working In & Out”
“Horchata & Soy Milk”
“Burritos and ShaoBingYouTiao”
“Deep Brown & Pale Yellow”

In the end, it came down to our pet names… that HE CHOSE for us… Stud Muffin and Cupcake. Both of the bread family, both quite similar though different in calories and one is more of a breakfast food, the other is more of a dessert. The benefits and dessert-a-fits of both are quite different and are evaluated differently… hehe!

But… for this blog, it worked. It stuck. And my Muffin and I read these posts and chat about possible future posts. He leaves the posting to me because, well, I’m chattier than he is. But… one day… maybe he’ll blog something and I’ll be surprised… wouldn’t that be fun? hehe!


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