Loving Shorts


I LOVE watching short films!! I mean, with or without words, I find them powerful indications and perspectives on life that give being alive and being a part of the lives of those around us.

I liked this one because… NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE WORKER could have brought Muffin and me together. And I’m SO SERIOUS!!

I mean… we’re very different.

Not only culturally, but physically he’s a 8-10 on the scale of good-looking and I’m just a 0-2. He makes plans without thinking of me, I make plans around when he wants to meet. I go as far as driving out to him at his sudden request… and he’s usually too busy to do that for me. I prioritize so that I’m there when he needs me… he… has different priorities.


I realize that it makes it sound like he’s not the boyfriend that’s right for me. I always try to get more time with him and… though he doesn’t do it with me, I realized slowly that I can’t just have him in my world. I need friends, projects, and more activities so that he’s not my world, just part of it… the way I’m just a part of his world.

I found myself texting my sisters, “I wish I had a friend like myself.” Seeing all I do for others, how I put my friends and family first… even before me… When will I meet someone like that?

It’s times like these… I need someone… I need to make more friends.


If Allen Walker could do it… SO CAN I!!

After this rather emotional post…
I revisited a short that reminded me to get my life right…


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