Emotionally… Here.

A lot can be said about being in a relationship. But, that one is just too true not to share!!


Muffin is JUST LIKE all the guys out there. Well I’m busy typing away my life to him, he returns with one word to one sentence answers. But when he is upset, hurt or needs someone to vent to, I get paragraphs. 😑 It’s part of who we are.

But, for sure… I’ll always be emotionally there for him, even when he doesn’t know he’s dropping the ball when it comes to being emotionally there for me. It’s who I am and what I’m made of. He can text and ask to see me, and I’ll come running, like his pet. But when I ask to see him… he has to schedule me in. … It’s not fair, by a long shot… but until we are first priority in each other’s lives… that’s just the way it is.

On a side note: When you do become each other’s everything, THAT’S when you take revenge and punish them for their past grievances against you… PWAHAHAHA!!

.jk. … kinda.


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