Meeting Friends…

Muffin and I recently went to many places together… and everywhere we go, we still get A LOT of looks. As strange as it is to me, Muffin explains it’s because the world isn’t used to seeing such diverse couples like us. But, because we both grew up in a melting pot, we’re oblivious to color, just concerned about personality and meeting the RIGHT people.

So… After having met his family and him meeting my family… WE WILL START MEETING FRIENDS!! I’ve already met one of his mentors and we got along really well. Next, he will meet my two older friends that have traversed college and beyond with me. And then, a very special friend and her fiancee. So, overall, he will meet more people than I will meet, but what’s important to me is that


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  1. Good for both of you. It’s nice to have someone who you can socialise and have fun with.

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