Different Species…

When we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific, Muffin was really excited to see the MUDSKIPPERS!! Since they don’t have legs, they have to use their pectoral fins to move out of the water… So, if Muffin was a Mudskipper, he’d get a round a lot and very easily! He will watch over eggs laid by females in the future, … my eggs? HAHA!! Would love to see a Cupcake lay eggs and a Muffin fertilize and then take care of them in his burrow. We’re so silly!

As for me, I longed to see a WOBBEGONG SHARK. They are only in the Indonesian waters north of Australia, but what a beauty they are!! If I were a shark, I’d totally be one of them! They’re so chill, eat so fast, witty, and they even eat cuttlefish! I’d protect my Muffin-ous Muddskipper with my big mouth from the bottom of the ocean… Though, how we’d ever meet, well, I guess online dating would have to spread to the mudskipping and shark community, eh?

Which do you like more?

As it was, for us, we might as well have been in different parts of the ocean, but we found each other and that’s what matters! So, whether it be mudskippers or wobbegong sharks… we’ll be very happy together!!


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