The Day of Meeting!!

It was a triple date of epic proportions!! I mean, J+J, R+N, and Muffin + Cupcake! The date was set, the plan was set, and since Muffin couldn’t get off work, we would only be joining them for dinner!!

When it came time, Muffin was tired but still came because he said he would. Poor guy, worked all day and still had a big dinner, meeting my buddies, their dates, and eating a lot of yummy food!

Something I ought to mention is that, I’d scared N previously when meeting him. My bubbly personality and outgoing side somewhat overwhelmed him, which grew an awkwardness between us, even to this day R is skeptical of my being in the same room as N. … Therefore, my getting along with new J was important to me and the group. Not to mention, old J and R liking Muffin!

New J and I got along famously. First of all, both being girls and understanding medical conditions, we bonded quickly, chatted smoothly, and I realized that N seemed pretty ok with me too… or so I though? As I chatted with new J and N, Muffin chatted with my college friends in the yard. What they talked about, I have no idea, but we all gathered up to eat, chatted well, and cleaned up together. It’s one of those things.


Later on, Muffin and I chatted about the evening (which delayed my posting of the events!) and we found many differences between us, along with similarities. Although there will always be something seemingly in the way, if we can sit, chat, and work on it, then we will grow, overcome it, and move past it. That’s something else we discovered we’re very good at… TALKING ABOUT IT.

For now… Muffin has been approved by my family, two of my closest friends, and the people they’re dating. LOL. I look forward to more epic and fun adventures, but more importantly, I am falling in love and falling hard. Sigh.

7/7 was our 3 month! YAY!! We’ve made it this far!!

By the way… hope you had a happy 4th!! :p


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