FLUFFY and the Fair

In April, I (Cupcake) discovered that Gabriel Iglesias (a.k.a. Fluffy) was going to perform at the Pacific Ampitheater in Costa Mesa. Having just started dating Muffin, I asked him to go with me.

Muffin asked, “Who’s Fluffy?”

Cupcake replied, “The best Stand-Up comedian you will LOVE because of his crowd engagement and hilarity.”

Muffin was skeptical but agreed to go… if we were still together. So, we bought the tickets!!! And these tickets came with access to the O.C. Fair!! I’d never gone but Muffin had with his family and stuff.

So, today, Muffin and I met up, had some light food, went to the fair for about an hour before walking over to the Pacific Ampitheater to take our seats! We had a bacon wrapped hot dog, turkey leg, and water. Later, we bought Cathy’s Cookies! (Sooo GOOD!!)

We took our seats and the night began with an opening comedian who was interesting but not the same brand as Fluffy! And when the man did grace the stage, he stayed longer than he needed to, chatting the audience up as if we were his date for the night, just before his birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLUFFY!!) and he brought his son FRANKIE on stage for all to see!! hehe.

At the end of the night, we went home and kiss each other good night and good bye. On the drive home… I realized… we were onto our 4th month as it was… hehe. How special it is to experience great times with someone you love!!


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