Muffin’s Side of Life

(Written by Stud Muffin)

It could have gone so many ways, I probably could have still been by myself…

Getting close to my mature age, the loneliness hits. I wanted someone I could spend some time with. Someone I could get to know at a more intimate level. I even asked a very close friend of my dad’s to pray for me to find not just a woman, but a life partner. Maybe I was aiming too high.

Our prayers were answered, but it almost slipped through my hands… Here is how it happened.

With my busy schedule, I posted myself on a free online platform. Within hours I got responses, some where gay guys, some were married women. Then, one morning, I got a reply from a lady that just sent some body pictures… I was kind of surprised at that… But, hey, easy prey is the name of the game and a little fun was in session!

Being very confident we would never meet, simply because I thought she was a robot, we started emailing back and forth… There was a bunch of hot emails that, I swear, I just wanted to pull her right in through my internet bandwidth and show her how real a man I was.

Eventually, after 2 days of sexual tension, we exchanged numbers. I decided to call her that very night and her quiet tone was not what I thought she would sound like at all!

To be continued…


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