Moving On With Life!

So, while Tea has been working on her on blog (ScribeRedefined) and searching for her niche, we discovered one we shared! No, not social media, but classic cars!! And, while talking, I decided to make one for Muffin and me!! Feel free to follow us to see what we post. Not sure yet how to use it but looking forward to posting more as time goes on!! Much easier than blogging, that’s for sure!!

Oddly enough, while Tea and I were searching through the listings online, and my Muffin and her boo-berry were elsewhere, we found that we liked cars for very different reasons.

For me (Cupcake), I liked classic cars because Muffin likes them. I appreciate beauty as I do him, and find that what he likes, I grow to like as well. As for Tea, she likes classic cars because of the era they are from and how they represent a dream of the past. Not to mention, Tea likes customizing cars, changing and creating something new from something old. I know boo-berry turns shades when she talks about chopping up a classic. Hehe. They’re funny.

I guess, she would say the same about Muffin and me. But, hey! We’re making it work!! In a few days, we’ll hit our 4-month and… we won’t do anything special but, it means something to us. hehehe!


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